Update: Free Website Hosting for Nonprofits

by Chris Kerstner on June 25, 2009 · 2 comments

cabinets containing 1u and 2u servers

Nonprofit = Free Hosting

Cool news from Chris Kerstner’s Foundation – Recently the Kerstner Foundation, in partnership with Hosted Fusion announced that they were offering free web hosting to nonprofits organizations.

A little under 3 weeks later they are elated to announce that over 45 organizations have applied, and all were approved!

All together, these nonprofits will now save close to $50,000 a year in web hosting bills; $50,000 that can now be spent on great charitable causes instead of wasted on some inanimate server in a data center.

Although Mr. Kerstner felt this was a great start, he had this to say:

“Only 45? That’s not good enough for me. There are over 91,000 registered nonprofits in the U.S. alone; I can only venture to guess that many of them have websites they are paying to be hosted. There is no reason any of these nonprofits should be paying for this.”

When asked how many freely hosted nonprofits it would take to satisfy him he responded:

“Ahhh, all of them! Whether they host freely with one of my companies or through other means, there is no reason even one of these nonprofits should be paying for website hosting. Especially when every dollar they save can then be spent on something much more important, like poverty, mosquito nets or clean drinking water.”

If you are a nonprofit that wants free web hosting, apply here.

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